One of the world leading fuse designers and manufacturers. Established in 1977, Conquer have won dozens of awards, distinctions and certificates. Innovation, insist of quality stability and safety bring Conquer to become the preferred choice for leading companies across the industry.
ACP Potentiometer Family
Product Range
  • Potentiometer (6mm / 9mm / 14mm)
  • Rotary sensor / endless sensor
  • Rotary pot switch
  • Rotary switch
  • Thick film solutions
  • Manufacture in Spain
  • Short lead time as 6 weeks
  • Excellent development support
  • Competitive price level
  • Strict quality control
  • ISO/TS16949 directory certified

HOT Seller – Potentiometer family

ACP Products
  • Available size: 6mm, 9mm, 14mm
  • SMD, through hole versions
  • Carbon film, Cermet
  • Silver zones technology, detents and special tapers

GREAT News – 360° Rotary endless sensor

Transcend of construction limitation of potentiometer, ACP launches 360° rotary endless sensor.
  • Life up to 1,000,000 turns
  • Standard resistance value 10Kohm
  • Strict linearity control and tight tolerance
  • Customization per inquiry [please ask]
ACP CS14 Family
Detents Position

NEW Launch (2017) – Rotary Pot Switch

Patented design rotary potentiometer switch is a new solution to replace absolute encoders and rotary switch.
  • 360° endless turning
  • 16 robust detents for 16 non overlapping outputs
  • Simplify your circuit for better reliability
  • Design in technical inquiry [please ask]